Aspirating Smoke and Fire Detection Systems Queensland

Detect smoke before it is visible to the human eye

For years, QFE have been providing reliable aspirating smoke and fire detection systems in Queensland. Aspirating smoke detectors (ASD) can detect smoke before it is visible to the human eye. Unlike passive smoke detectors, ASD systems actively draw smoke to the detector through small holes throughout the system. Air samples are captured and filtered, removing any contaminants or dust to avoid false alarms and then processed by a centralised, highly sensitive laser detection unit. If smoke is detected, the system’s alarm is triggered and signals are then processed through monitoring stations within only a matter of seconds.

Aspirating smoke and fire detection systems in Queensland are crucial for the timely warning they provide in alerting the surrounding environment of an emergency. Another key benefit of ASD systems is that they perform regular health checks on themselves and will issue an alert if at any time the system’s ability to detect smoke is compromised. Unlike ASD systems, passive devices lack this highly technological and intuitive detail. Instead, passive devices are usually electrically monitored and do not have the ability to determine whether or not they are operating correctly.

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