Fire Alarm System Design Solutions Queensland

Customised & Unique Fire Alarm Solutions

Whatever your business and wherever it’s located, QFE is your reliable provider of fire alarm system design solutions in Queensland. Our team can design and install a customised fire system solution that will protect your people and your assets. In consultation with our clients and builders, we provide quality designs that are constructed specific to the unique building and environment.

For any fire system design solution in Queensland to be effective, all components within the system must be specially designed to counter specific threats. By conducting a pre-design site survey, our expert design team will ensure that that the exact needs of the individual client are met.

We will take into account all relevant factors to ensure a customised fire alarm system design solution in Queensland for your business. By considering your unique environment and building, your operational building code compliance, budget and time frame, we will design a solution that is efficient, cost-effective and integrated with existing systems.

Our Design & Construct services include:

  • Analysis of the design requirements
  • Research of appropriate products and design solutions
  • Documentation of the design solution
  • Validation that the design solution meets the required design
  • Full costing of the system according to the approved design
  • Finalisation of documentation for the procurement and installation of the system
  • Installation of the system according to the design specifications, budgeted price and construction timeline.

All designs are developed to relevant Australian standards and BCA requirements including AS1670 and AS1688.


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