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In the event of a building fire, smoke and noxious gases are the leading cause of death. More often than not, death occurs in a location some distance from the actual fire due to the spread of smoke and gasses which cause initial disorientation and exhaustion. These dangers reinforce the importance of fire detection system installation in Queensland to preserve life in the event of a fire emergency.

Typically, there are two types of detectors available – conventional detectors and addressable detectors. There’s no straightforward answer to which type of detector is the best solution, as applications vary. Ultimately, deciding on the best thermal and smoke detector system will depend upon your unique environmental, operational and financial requirements.

Both conventional detectors and addressable detectors link devices (such as call points and smoke detectors) to a central control panel. The main difference between these two types of detectors is that with addressable fire alarm systems, it is possible to pinpoint exactly which device has been activated. Every device has its own unique address, so in a fire situation the particular device that has been activated will be highlighted on the control panel, meaning you can tell the exact location of the fire and take action quickly. For fire detection system installation in Queensland, an addressable fire alarm system is the most suitable solution for larger buildings covering multiple levels. On the other hand, a conventional fire alarm system doesn’t allow the operator to pinpoint the precise location of the fire, as alarm devices cannot be individually identified. Although addressable alarm systems cost more, conventional systems generally involve easier wiring and contribute to a generally lower cost involved in their installation.

QFE specialise in finding suitable fire detection system installation in Queensland that suit your specific needs and budget. You can rest assured that we will deliver uncompromised advice on the best detection solution and will never cut corners on costs for the safety of others.

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