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Industrial facilities house and support the work that drives our nation’s economic progress. They contain the equipment that produces most of the tools and consumer products our citizens need and employ the personnel who know how to operate it. All these assets must be protected and cared for an industrial facility to thrive, so owners and managers must be careful and alert. Preventing workplace accidents or other incidents that could set back your production process is one of the most crucial aspects of completing the work that communities across the nation trust you to perform. That means being on the lookout for potential floods, power failures, and especially fires.

The industrial fire alarm at your facility is one of your best safeguards against a fire starting and breaking out of control at work. A working fire alarm alerts you to the problem immediately, so that you can respond appropriately—from grabbing an extinguisher to calling for help and evacuating the people in the area to safety. The alarm you choose should fit industry standards so that you can trust it to work when you need it most, but there’s another important part of having a working fire alarm system: the company you choose to install it and provide it with service.


The People Matter Just as Much as the Hardware

Industrial fire alarm systems in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Brisbane CBD, Caboolture, and Logan all need to be maintained and checked regularly to make sure they’re still effective. The company you choose for such a task should be well-established and highly skilled so that you can rely on them to perform their duties without error. It’s also helpful to choose an independent provider of these services since such companies often have experience with numerous different systems instead of being limited to a small handful of products on which they’ve been trained to work. Independent providers offer wide ranging knowledge and have typically satisfied many customers, making them more reliable in almost every case.


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One such company is QFE Technologies. Our business has thrived since we first started working on fire alarm systems in Brisbane, Brisbane CBD, Caboolture, Logan, and the Gold Coast back in 2009. We owe our success to a combination of factors and a few simple principles. We pride ourselves on being independent providers who offer versatile services with many distinct brands and products. We also strive to set ourselves apart from other companies by paying extra attention during every phase of our process and offering uniquely transparent pricing options. You’ll always know what to expect when you call us, both regarding pricing and the quality of our work.

Make sure your facility is always safe and prepared when you invest in industrial fire alarm systems in Caboolture, Logan, Gold Coast, Brisbane, or the Brisbane CBD. Let a company like QFE Technologies handle your installation and maintenance, and you’ll make those systems even more effective. Contact us today to learn more.

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