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It’s something that happens too often: you get invoiced for a job in advance, the contractor or specialist ends up overestimating the magnitude of the work, and you end up paying more than you should for the project. Alternatively, you’re put in a position where you are expected to pay a substantial amount of money for a job upfront, with no evidence to prove that the work that is carried out will be up to standard.


Say Goodbye to Upfront Invoicing When You Work with QFE Technologies

For these reasons and others, our team at QFE Technologies never invoices clients in advance. Say you hire us to install your new industrial fire protection systems in Brisbane CBD or the Gold Coast. While we will take care to survey your building or work site, analyse essential fire protection features, and design a system that meets both your needs and all compliance requirements, we don’t do all this preparation to justify upfront invoicing and payment. Rather, we do it to give ourselves a roadmap for your project and to give you a better fire safety system.

Indeed, at QFE Technologies, we only invoice our clients once we have provided the required service. If you hire us for a new industrial fire protection system in Caboolture, we won’t invoice you until we’ve put in every component of your system. From fire detectors to smoke detectors, all the way to emergency warning and intercommunication systems (EWIS), we’ll make sure we’ve installed, tested, and verified every piece of your system before we send you an invoice.


We prefer this model for two main reasons:

First, by removing the need for prepayment from the equation, we allow clients to focus on service instead of price. If you are looking for someone to install industrial fire systems in the Gold Coast, you may have a budget in mind, but the cost of the system is less important than making sure the system provides adequate protection. This system will be a primary safeguard for every metre of your building, every piece of equipment stored there and every person who works there. A number on an invoice, in other words, should not be the factor that tells you who to trust with this important responsibility.

Second, by only invoicing after we complete the work, we can substantiate the service provided and all corresponding charges. We back every invoice with reports, log sheets and photos—so you can know what you are paying for and why it’s important. Furthermore, you get proof that we’ve done the work we are charging you for, which we think is a crucial component of our customer relationships.


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