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Many smart businesses are taking measures of fire prevention and suppression to ensure that their buildings’ integrity and employees are safe even in chaotic and dangerous situations. It is unfortunately too late to find out that your systems aren’t good enough after a fire, and it’s advisable to be proactive and turn to QFE Technologies to ensure you’re safe and secure with adequate fire suppression.

Our services range from room audits and testing of your current systems to see where they’re weak, to repairs and renovations for systems that need to be brought back into code, to installing new systems from scratch. Our audits cover a variety of needs, including a room integrity test and alarm system functionality.


Be Certain You’re Safe with Integrity Fire Protection

An effective system doesn’t rely on just one means of protection, prevention, and surveillance. Instead, you need a comprehensive approach that will protect you from all angles. A system that provides integrity fire protection will include state-of-the-art fire detection, aspirating smoke detection systems, and emergency warning systems.

Further, it will include integrity test fire suppression to deal with the fire after it’s started. This means having the correct kinds of fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, and other equipment. Additionally, you will need to ensure that you are undergoing the proper preventive maintenance annually. Failure to keep in pace on that, you may run the risk of your system being unfamiliar to you or worse, that it fails in a room at a time that you need protection the most.

Our vision is to provide smart, affordable fire suppression and alarm technology solutions that protect people and property throughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales. This is achieved by keeping our customers as the focus and ensuring that you are educated on what your system does and when it needs to be tested and then providing that maintenance and care for you. Our business and your protection depend on our integrity, so when we say we’ll do something for you, it’s a guarantee.


What Makes QFE Technologies the Right Solution for your Business?

Simply put, it’s our commitment to your safety and our experience working with all kinds of Australian businesses and homes. We adhere to a set of principles and values that have guided us to a successful and lasting business. Those values are about being focused on you, the customer; being responsive to your needs and available when you need us; being true to our word and dependable; providing top-notch service that’s second to none; uncompromising quality in our inspections and systems; and collaborating with you to develop the best solution to your needs.

We make it easy to communicate with us however is most convenient and comfortable for you. For your ease and convenience, we schedule our inspections and room integrity tests around times that work for you. We respond via email, phone, and mail so contact us today to find out how you can ensure the best possible safety for your people and products.

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