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At QFE, we have earned a profound reputation for providing quality smoke detector system installations in Brisbane and the greater South East Queensland region. With smoke and noxious gases the leading cause of death in the evening of a building fire, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your smoke detector system is fully functional and reliable. The team at QFE take fire safety seriously, never cutting corners on costs for the safety of others.

With our smoke detector system installations in Brisbane, we will ensure your existing fire system is completely up to date with the latest technology, so you can rest assured that you, your employees and your assets are safe. Choose from two types of smoke detector systems – conventional detectors or addressable detectors. Depending on your unique environmental, operational and financial requirements, our fire experts will help you to decide the right smoke detector system solution for you.

An addressable fire alarm system will allow you to pinpoint exactly which device has been activated. In a fire situation, the particular device activated will be highlighted on the control panel, allowing for timely action to be taken. For smoke detector system installations in Brisbane for larger buildings and multiple levels, an addressable fire alarm system is an ideal solution. Alternatively, a conventional fire alarm system can be installed for easier wiring and a generally lower cost.

To book your smoke detector system installation in Brisbane, contact the team at QFE today by calling (07) 3801 1173 or emailing [email protected].

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