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Ensure the safety of your employees and your assets with our smoke detector system installations on the Gold Coast. QFE bring specialised experience in the fire and emergency warning technologies sectors, performing all work to the highest industry standards. Our qualified team of electricians and fire alarm technicians are second-to-none when it comes to quality delivery of fire safety protection services.

In the event of a building fire, the spread of smoke and gasses can cause initial disorientation and exhaustion, potentially leading to death. Quality smoke detector system installations on the Gold Coast will help to ensure the preservation of life in the event of a fire emergency. With two types of detectors available, the team at QFE can help you choose the right smoke detector system based on your unique environmental, operational and financial requirements.

With easy wiring and available at a generally lower cost, a conventional fire alarm system can be installed in your building. Alternatively, for superior smoke detector system installation on the Gold Coast, an addressable fire alarm system is the ultimate solution. With an addressable fire alarm system, each device has its own unique addressing, meaning that in a fire emergency the particular device that has been activated can be pinpointed. This allows for more timely action to be taken when time is of the essence.

With QFE’s smoke detector system installations on the Gold Coast, you can trust that we will never cut corners on costs for the safety of others. For uncompromised advice on the best detection solution for you, contact us today by calling (07) 3801 1173 or emailing [email protected].

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