Hervey Bay Hospital Fire Detection System Upgrade

Hervey Bay Hospital Fire Detection System Upgrade

Established in 1963, Hervey Bay Hospital is a major regional public hospital with 200 beds and an emergency department.

Although no deaths from hospital fires have been recorded in Australia, a 2012 fire at St Andrews hospital in South Australia caused smoke damage to four levels of the building and resulted in a damage bill of $250,000. The fire, which was caused by an electrical fault in the ceiling above the kitchen spread through air-conditioning ducts.

Certainly with so many bed-ridden patients, a hospital fire can have devastating effects on human life, so a well-functioning fire system is critical.

At Hervey Bay hospital, QFE was called in to replace the existing, dated fire detection system. All works were co-ordinates to minimize interruption to patients, staff, daily routines and services.

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