QFE Keeps Energex Protected

QFE Keeps Energex Protected

For over 4 years, QFE has been the service provider of choice to maintain fire systems at Energex’s 197 sites across South East Queensland.Energex provides energy distribution services to almost 1.4 million domestic and business connections, delivering electricity to a population base of around 3.2 million people. The company has an asset base worth around $12 billion, and employs more than 3000 people.

Since fire in a power or sub station could mean thousands of homes and businesses being without electricity or facing blackouts for a substantial period of time, system maintenance and servicing is crucial.

QFE’s Service Delivery Manager, Dave Thomas says “as Queensland’s power station fleet ages it becomes more vulnerable to accidents. Regular servicing and maintenance is one way we can help ensure that the effect of a fire is minimised if it should occur in a power or sub station”.

“While not a regular event, power station fires are not to be taken lightly. In 2014, a fire which was deliberately lit at the Yallourn facility in Gippsland, Victoria knocked out 3 generators” Thomas says. Yallourn power station supplies almost 25% of Victoria’s energy.

With such critical infrastructure,an immediate and knowledgeable response to events are required around the clock, 365 days a year and planned preventative maintenance ensures systems have minimal downtime and effect on the protected equipment.

Energex systems maintained and serviced by QFE include:

  • Fire suppression systems
  • Sprinklers
  • Mist and deluge systems
  • Fire detection systems
  • Evacuation and occupant warning systems
  • Passive systems such as doors
  • Emergency lighting

Detection, sprinkler and suppression systems are serviced every calendar month, with passive systems and emergency lights tested 6 monthly, and all systems fully tested on an annual basis.

In addition, QFE have replaced aged pyrogen fire suppression equipment with new apparatus in 20 electrical substations around south-east Queensland. This project included consideration of electrical safety issues, the need to ensure that there could be no unintended pyrogen discharges and the customer’s specific requirements.

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